Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crashed Hard Drives and Senior Portraits

This is my lovely niece, and this is also one of her Senior Portraits.  It's difficult to take a bad photo of this kid. :) She makes my job easy.

VERY shortly after I last posted about aaaallll of those photos I needed to download and edit, my beloved MacBook Pro took a turn for the......exploded?  My hard drive is currently in California with Drive Savers, on life support, and hopefully giving up the photos trapped on it to their capable technicians.  I had most of my stuff backed up on disc, but there's a very, very important series on there that hadn't yet been uploaded or put on a disc yet.  If I only get those back, it will be worth it. Please keep your fingers crossed, and say a little prayer to my MacBook's hard drive soul, floating in the in-between, to GIVE UP THE PICS ALREADY!!! Seriously folks, I've had 5 different computer pros spend a total of 17-20 hours so far, trying to retrieve the data. 

Luckily, I hadn't yet downloaded these pics of my niece, from my camera card.  And my mom is sweet enough to let me hijack her computer for several hours today so I could edit them.