Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Finally Ready To Call Myself A Photographer

Welcome to my photo blog! Pictured here is my son, the inspiration for my fledgling photography business. The biggest challenge in having a photo blog, for me, will be keeping my big mouth shut! :) I'll tell stories about the photos themselves when they warrant explanation, but generally I'll let my photos speak for themselves.


  1. yay, sonia!! i still miss your "big mouth blog" but at least i get a semblance of it on FB.


  2. Okay, I found the link:-)
    Glad to have a place to see all your wonderful works or art:-)

  3. Yay!!!!! Aw, your little boy is looking like a little man.

  4. Thanks for all of your support!
    Kelly, he IS turning into a little man. This photo is over a year old, so he looks really different now. :) Unfortunately, the novelty of mommy taking his photo has worn off completely. Most of the shots I'm getting of him now, are of him running off in another direction.


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